About Us

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IndieLiveWire.com is a crowdfunding platform uniquely for filmmakers and media content creators looking to raise money through crowdfunding for their projects.

The platform is a service of Koa Aloha Media, for which we primarily raise additional funds for our in-house productions. We have produced 8-feature films as of 2022, multiple episodic productions, multiple award-winning documentaries, and shorts. The goal is never to fully raise our production funds from this platform, but to enhance and build on what we already have. Our projects have major distribution on all major VOD platforms as well as physical releases on DVD and Blu-Ray at major retailers.

You can visit Koa Aloha Media’s website to learn more about us and our projects.

Our goal is to bring content creators and contributors together through a website devoted to creative arts. Whether you are prepping a movie or looking for finishing funds, or trying to get the next big web series started, or designing a video game, let IndieLiveWire.com help you get in touch with your audience of potential contributors.