7th Revelation (Released)

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  • WINNER (3) in The IndieFEST Film Festival 2020 Awards of Merit in the categories of feature film, direction (B. Luciano Barsuglia) and acting (Jed Rowen).
  • WINNER (3) NYC Indie Film Awards or Best Feature Film, Best Actor (Vernon Wells) and Best Director! Nominated for Best Actor/Male (Jed Rowen), Best Actor/Female (Tasha Tacosa), Best Screenplay.
  • WINNER (3) in the Accolade Global Film Competition for Best Feature Film, Best Actor (Jed Rowen), and  Special Mention for Best Supporting Actor (Vernon Wells).
  • WINNER (2)  Vegas Movie Awards, Award of Prestige for Best Feature Film and Best Screenplay. Semi-Finalists (top five) in the categories of Best Actor (Jed Rowen) and Best Director.
  • WINNER (1) – Bronze Award for Feature Films in the 2020 Latitude Film Awards.
  • Official Selection to the 2020 Vegas Cinefest International Film Festival in consideration in the category of feature film.
  • Semi-Finalist to the Focus International FIlm Festival for Best Feature, Best Director, Best Actor (Jed Rowen), Best Supporting Actor (Vernon Wells), Best Actress (Tasha Tacosa), and Best Supporting Actress (Rachel Riley).
  • Nominated for Best Editing in the Diabolical Horror Film Festival.

A Unique, first of its kind genre! Filmed … at a distance! This is an intense and historical indie thriller.

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7th Revelation (Social Distance) is a voyeuristic look into the lives of six people working from home while in quarantine during the 2020 pandemic. Each must battle the destructive demons of isolation, addiction, jealousy, and conspiracy.

This thriller is a one-of-a-kind production – It was filmed entirely while filmmakers and actors were in their own isolation, during the quarantine period from April to June.

In the news! You can already read about Social Distance on Fox News, TV Technology, RUE MORGUE!  We have been making national news also showing up in Apple News, News Break, on MSN, in Yahoo! Finance and Business Insider among others!

Enter a world of isolation that grows into conspiracy and eventually spirals into insanity.



This is a suspenseful mystery, thriller examining the slow slide into insanity individuals experience when isolated for extended periods. It is mixed with suspense and mystery as a group of distance workers discover that the social distance mandate may be a much greater conspiracy than anyone could have fathomed.

During the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, a group of six individuals find the burden of isolation pushing them to the brink of insanity as they find themselves consumed with the pressure of work and the threat of sickness, As they try to salvage a cruise line blamed for bringing the coronavirus into the United States, each must battle the demons of isolation, addiction, conspiracies and jealousy.

This movie is very unique, in that it is being filmed entirely within the constraints of social distancing, just as the title implies. This group of veteran actors have joined to make something unique and memorable in SOCIAL DISTANCE.



We are excited to share that one of our recent movies is going into worldwide distribution on April 7, 2020.


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Hold on tight and be a part of this crazy ride!

We had a cast read through on 4/3. Pic below!

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The owner of Koa Aloha Media, B. Luciano Barsuglia, has been in the field of production for more than 25 years working on many movies, TV shows and much more. We have successfully funded multiple projects which have all seen (or will see) wide distribution. Recent award winning movies include IMPACT EVENT (with Michael Berryman, Richard Grieco, Jed Rowen, Margaret O’Brien) and DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE (with Mickey Rooney, Vernon Wells, William McNamara, Gianni Capaldi). Barsuglia has had the opportunity direct two Academy Award (R) winning actors in Rooney and O’Brien. Additionally he has worked as an editor and/or producer on Clinton Road (Ice-T, Vincent Pastore, Eric Roberts), 5th Borough (Tara Reid, Sean Young, Lillo Brancato) and Chronicle of A Serial Killer (DMX, Dominique Swain, Brendan Sexton III, Jack Scalia) all three of which have had or are scheduled for theatrical release.


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